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Similar to the computer function, ctrl/alt/delete interior design is committed to helping clients task manage and take control of the space they want improved / everyone owes it to themselves to enjoy and be proud of the space they call home / investing in a more functional, organized and well designed living space will not only improve your lifestyle but also greatly increase the value of what is for most people their greatest investment.


Attention to Detail

What sets ctrl/alt/delete apart: / competitive rates / focus on creating tailor-made design concepts that incorporate unique design elements to showcase a client's personality and individuality / once a ctrl/alt/delete design concept is developed, the client controls the level of ctrl/alt/delete's participation in the project - ideal for controlling design costs and/or for DIYers (do-it-yourself-ers), who may need initial guidance with organizing and visualizing the final product, but are hands on and take pride in the implementation process.

/ Paint Selection
/ Lighting
/ Consultation
/ Accessorizing
/ Material Selection
/ Furniture Selection & Arrangement
/ Decluttering
/ Pre-sale Staging
/ Transforming a space into a home office
/ Suggesting alterations to builder's floor plans
/ Revamping outdated office space
/ Redesign Dining/Entertaining Establishments
/ 2 Hour Reboots


2hr Reboot

What is it? A certificate that entitles the bearer to a 2-hour design consultation with ctrl/alt/delete interior design. A chance to "reboot, refresh and reprogram" any area of a home. / Cost: $200 (promotional offer: HST included) / Guidelines: A 2hr reboot can be requested and scheduled at any time by email. The certificate is valid for one year from the date of issue and holds no cash value. / Can this only be used as a gift? The certificate is a great holiday or special occasion gift for that certain someone who could use some interior design guidance; however, the 2hr reboot session can be requested by anyone at any time. It's prefect for DIYers (do-it-yourself-ers), someone moving to a new home and starting with a blank slate, and/or anyone who is not committed to the idea of hiring a full-time designer. This consultation can provide the all important "starting block" to implement a design project on the recipient's own time and terms, and according to their own defined budget.


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"Everything has come together really well. I've been getting great feedback on my place and the pieces that we selected. Thanks again for all your direction."
Danny K
"Well, it's has been a year since we met at my under construction home for a 2hr reboot. I am happy to report that we have moved in (still working on some odds and ends) and that I implemented most of your suggestions. Thank you as your input really helped me realize my vision for our home!!!!"
Debbie M
"I will be giving the 2-Hr Reboot certificate as a gift to a friend, who is moving in a couple of weeks. I've heard great things about crtl/alt/delete so I thought this would be a great gift to give to a new home owner."
Stacie A
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